Mission Statement

Commercial Real Estate investors pay us to solve THEIR problems through our knowledge, experience, expertise, creativity and connections.  To solve their problems better than our competitors, we will continually improve, educate and develop ourselves, and network with other industry leaders, to ensure we are at the forefront of thoughts, trends and processes to solve THEIR problems.

Vision Statement

We shall be known by commercial real estate investors as the preferred provider of brokerage, capital market and consulting services.  We will earn this reputation by being MORE than our competition; more focused on our client objectives, more knowledgeable about our markets, more thorough in our communication, and more intentional in our actions.  We will be known as adding more value for our clients than any other company in the industry.

More value than our Competition = More focused on their objectives + More knowledgeable about the market + More thorough in our communication + More intentional in our actions

More focused on Client objectives – Asking what each client’s objective(s)/goal(s) are, writing them down, prioritizing in order of importance, getting the client to concur, then re-capping at the end of the project/transaction, connecting emotionally with client’s.

More knowledgeable about the market – Perceived as a thought leader, active in state/national associations, panel participation, published articles, market updates regarding comps, competition analysis, and development activities.

More thorough in our communication – Consistent timeline and updates for our principals, listening more than talking, constantly thinking about client’s to ask the right questions, thinking about the next three moves, respecting the time of others.

More intentional in our actions – Pro-active in our daily activities, fixing the problem not the blame, preparedness and thoughtful, taking initiative, putting the best interests of the Principal before our own, our integrity and reputation are sacred, keeping perspective, making things happen not waiting on other to make it happen for us, being passionate and determined.